Direct Investment

ShotPoint has developed a proprietary gunfire localization system. The Company’s unique platform senses gunfire, isolates the source and transmits shooter location alerts to systems that can cue cameras, inform responders and warn the public.

ShotPoint saves lives and reduces damage by providing responders with the critical information required to accelerate tactical response, neutralize threats and deploy emergency medical services. The system, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, can mitigate large catastrophes by triggering automated evacuations or lockdown protocols, making it ideal for school’s and other large, mixed structure environments.

ShotPoint has garnered the attention of corporate leaders working in both the Physical Security and Smart Lighting industries. Both segments are seeking to add gunshot detection as a key market differentiator in an extremely lucrative marketplace. Toward this end, partnership and distribution agreements are in place with industry leaders including: Genetec, Tyco Exacq, Nokia, and HeSa LED Lighting Company.