2017 NYC Spring

EsportsOne is an enhanced live stream viewing experience for eSports contests, events, and tournaments, incorporating live statistics, data driven overlays and event insights. EsportsOne engages the user in the live stream by providing real-time & historical data that is derived via game publishers API’s and proprietary eSports oriented OCR software. 

Esportspedia and Esportscalendar are also part of the EsportsOne network, providing additional tools and resources for the eSports industry. Esportspedia is the largest professional gaming resource in the world, covering four separate eSports titles (League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, & Smite). Esportscalendar is currently in development. Once completed, it will provide a detailed daily calendar for the global eSports community. All events will be populated via a partnered API built by Abios Gaming. Users will then have the option to watch each event on EsportsOne.