2017 NYC Spring

EIFLE, Inc. is a content delivery platform featuring a software subscription model, utilizing interconnected hardware. Together, the components make up the EIFLE S smart-mirror, a technology designed to provide a marketing solution for the modern business. 

The EIFLE S, which reads “selfie” backwards, delivers upon the desires of the end user, and uses that passion as a conduit for our subscription partners to reach and attract target consumers. 

Every day better than 1.8 billion photographs are posted to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Many of which are taken within a place of business, this inspired Snapchat to create a filter for providing businesses with recognition, called “Geo-Tags.” Although wildly successful, the filters were not without additional needs. In analyzing one of the three (3) major social mediums, we recognized in over 3 categories that better than 250 million photos were taken in one singular style, that style was the full-length mirror photo.