Cops for Hire


Direct Investment

CopsForHire provides the first and only online marketplace for consumers and companies to directly hire law enforcement professionals while at the same time providing the first and only solution for law enforcement agencies and departments to manage off-duty employment. The company was the creation of 18-year law enforcement veteran Andrew Finley and was co-founded by Seattle-area entrepreneur, David Bluhm.

The self-service, online site is free to both departments and working cops while providing law enforcement agencies with total management control over their off-duty work. Currently, off-duty work equates to $6.4 billion dollars annually and is growing rapidly in the face of the increased call for higher levels of security. As such, it requires tight cooperation between multiple agencies and therefore represents a “winner take all” opportunity. After nearly two years of cooperative development with several Washington State agencies, CopsForHire was selected by the Seattle Police Department along with multiple Sheriff and Police departments to manage all of their off-duty employment, making it the first such deployment of its kind. The company began generating initial revenues in October 2016. It staffs 15 people and is headquartered in Olympia, WA.