Alteria Automation


2019 LA Spring

Alteria Automation is an engineering company that designs & manufactures advanced embedded edge proprietary Industry 4.0 products such as smart sensors, wireless connectivity and AI models for machinery condition-based predictive maintenance that works!

We solve the huge data payload problem from continuous real time complex sensors, like ultrasound, with our pre processing at the source, permitting a homogenization of the data before it is placed in the database for prediction analysis.

ALTERIA pushed the bar up developing data pre-processing at the edge. Embedded edge is a technology that performs pre-processing inside the smart sensor, avoiding the messy and costly installation of PC based computing near the machinery.

Our patent-pending embedded edge technology pre-processes complex signals right at the sensor, forwarding a simplified algorithmic based signal image that saves 93% of storage, data payload, and bandwidth required while saving thousands of dollars on gathering each acquired variable.

Our technology eliminates “garbage’ data speeding up the creation of predictive maintenance models. All experts agree that quality data is paramount to the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 and that gathering more data does not solve the problems of the “digital twin” practical implementation.