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Quake has adjusted our lens to focus on the Future of Work 2.0 for our next virtual continuity program. The world shifted greatly in March of 2020 with the COVID pandemic leaving one third of humanity in lockdown. The need to adjust to remote, virtual work beyond just the 9-5 office environment has created a strong accelerant for greater connection, better efficiency, and stronger security. The Future of Work that we have been creating, shaping, and adopting for over a decade has arrived faster that expected. We refer to it as the Future of Work 2.0.
In the next virtual program set to begin in early 2021, the Quake team will be investing in the technology and platforms solving real problems for the evolving workforce. This will include a broad swath of business software and technology; developing smarter and flexible supply chains (Fleeting), gathering, storing and protecting medical data (Open Health Network, Quick'rCare), focusing on cross cloud optimization (Saasuma) and fog computing (Drofika) and securing data from cyber threats (Gluetech), among many, many others.
Since Quake's launch in 2017, we have invested over 20% of our portfolio in the Future of Work with double the industry average in IRR. Our performance has resulted in over 50% of the companies considered FOW being accepted into our High Confidence Fund. By investing in companies with traction and strong founder-market fit, Quake was able to plug them in to the right ecosystem to truly accelerate their businesses. We are so grateful to our partners since they are a huge part of our success. We will continue to cultivate and give back to the ecosystem that has given so much to our teams.
Image by Damian Zaleski
  • Teams with traction, which means the product is in market; i. e. "dog eating the dog food". We are not looking to invest in MVP or idea stage. (There are many great incubators and accelerators that do focus on that stage.)
  • Founder-market fit - domain expertise with a strong why behind your business. This is a marathon, not a sprint and having the right founding team is essential to longevity.
  • Team that is metric-driven - data tells the story needed in order to iterate and grow intelligently.
  • Do you fit into the Future of Work 2.0 categories below?
18 categories:
  • Project & Task Management

  • Design

  • Low or No Code Internal Tools

  • Scaling Back Office & Admin

  • Remote HRM Enablers

  • Self Employment Facilitators

  • Hiring

  • Remote Talent Engines

  • Future of Work Events

  • Messaging, Chat, & Email

  • Virtual Offices / Focus Enablers

  • Voice & Video

  • Calendars & Meetings

  • Scaling Personal Assistants

  • Data Collab & Knowledge

  • Context & Search

  • Employee Engagement

  • Remote Culture (Social Enterprise)

Quake is an industry-agnostic venture capital fund and continuity program with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Our accelerator program recruits teams from all around the world. As a team, Quake looks to build startup ecosystems and enhance innovation across multiple industry verticals and geographies. We typically invest $150,000 in each company. In terms of what we look for - we focus heavily on traction, team, and market opportunity.
Our goal is to merge investment capital with intense hands-on training and leadership development. By building the right ecosystems and identifying the right partners and investors, we rapidly accelerate pre-seed and seed-stage companies, often producing 9 to 12 months worth of growth over the course of a three month continuity program. Over the last three years, we’ve worked with over 460 early stage founders to develop a repeatable process and curriculum that has greatly improved both the overall value and survival rates of over 270 startups. 
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