The Role

• You'll be working on developing new vision and image processing technologies for drone/UAV image processing related applications

.• You’ll define technical roadmap and work on cutting edge technology in computer vision and machine learning.

• You’ll develop 2D/3D object detection & segmentation algorithms using RGB & point cloud data.

• You’ll design algorithms and methods for 3D object classification algorithms using point cloud and image data.

• You’ll implement efficient data structures to enable faster image processing.

The Skills

• Graduate degree in Machine Learning, Computer Science, or Artificial Intelligence.• Experience working in applied photogrammetry technology/GIS.

• Strong applied math skills in linear algebra, 2D/3D geometry, and numerical methods (polynomial/Fourier approximations, ordinary differential equations, linear & non-linear optimizations, error analysis, etc).

• Experience with structure-from-motion(SFM) algorithms covering central/noncentral camera models, bundle adjustment, multi-view stereo, structure from shading.

• Experience with computer vision, machine learning and CNNs and related frameworks including Caffe, Torch or Tensorflow.

• Experience with developing software in Python, C++.

• Experience with UAV, VR or Robotics is a plus.

• Experience deploying solutions to AWS or cloud services a plus.

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