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(aired on 11/19/20)

Quake is featuring six of our leading future-of-work companies that are solving real challenges in our post-Covid world.

Water Ripple

Meet The Panelists


Ben Daniels

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Investor at IBM Ventures


Joe Dormani

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Head of Corporate Strategy at Thomson Reuters


Adriel Bercow

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Partner at K50 Ventures

Meet the Quake Teams

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AptivIO (Fund Three, NY Cohort 6) is an AI-Powered Decision Making Platform for demand generation, opportunity qualification, buyer engagement, and risk sensing. Their proprietary software provides real time data and analysis for enterprise sales by tracking public data points and CRM input to deliver the best close ratio. Data-driven sales organizations account for $960k in ARR and include GE, Atos Financial Services, Grant Thornton, Capgemini and partners MSFT Power Platform, Oracle Digital Assistant, and SAP, among others.


Guy Mounier


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Recess (Fund One, Cohort 4) is an online marketplace connecting brands with event organizers making the buying and selling of access to event audiences a turn-key, efficient and data-driven. Despite the COVID pandemic, Recess had a huge October and were profitable this month (first time since COVID-19.) They generated $176k in Gross Revenue and $100k in gross profit this month. They also have seen their audience size rapidly accelerate during COVID, adding 5.8M in audience reach in October alone. They are currently 16% of the size of Live Nation (the incumbent they are disrupting) and are expecting to surpass Live Nation in audience size in the next 12 months. Recess customers include Apple, Google, Red Bull, Clif Bar, Coca-Cola, KIND, Talking Rain and more.


Jack Shannon


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BlastPoint (Fund Two, NY Cohort 3) is a customizable software platform gives business teams in the SME, access to consumer insights that were previously only available with the help of an on-site data scientist. Blastpoint leverages AI to show predictive personas to show companies who they should target. The team has $1.2M ARR, despite the current crisis. In fact, major utility customers such as Mid-Atlantic Natural Gas, ATCO, and Peoples Natural Gas are now using the platform to identify their most vulnerable customers to enroll them in assistance programs, as well as forecast the financial impact of the crisis due to late or non-payments.


Alison Alvarez


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Fleeting (Fund Three, NY Cohort 5) offers an on-demand booking system that connects CDL drivers with trucking jobs. In October, they generated $150K in MR with a total of $1.8M in AR. On average, they have 30 active customers compared to 2019 with only 3 customers. Fleeting continues to grow their pipeline of B2B Contracts who are looking for flex drivers for jobs.


Pierre Laguerre


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Fohlio (Fund Two, NY Cohort 4) is a collaboration-management platform for Real Estate Developers and Architects. Fohlio centralizes all development collaboration, and vendor payment, removing the fragmentation of real estate design and construction. Fohlio is used in over 1,000 cities worldwide. Clients include some largest hotel franchises and developers in the world such as Best Western International, ACCOR SA. Stanford University, Shimizu. They generated over $750k in ARR YTD, and an increase from $520K in revenues in 2019 (with $470K in ongoing subscription revenue).


Huibin Yu


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PerfectQuote (Fund III, ATX Cohort 2) transforms how insurance firms, insurance brokers, and business owners procure, analyze and shop for commercial insurance plans. They had a strong finish to 2019, generating a run rate of approximately $750K in ARR, servicing 18 large insurance agencies, and raising just over $1M in capital. The team has experienced 152% growth in new client bookings as of September 2020 (43 agencies), compared to all of 2019 (17 agencies).


Justin Sylvester


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