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Concept Statement

People want to be entrepreneurs for different reasons. They want to be their own boss, they want to make an impact, they want to make more money or they just want to turn their idea into a company. Every reason is a good one. However, good intentions do not always lead to success. 90% of startups fail at
a very early stage because founders don’t have the basic knowledge that is required to build a successful business. Our mission is to bring first-time founders into the 10% of startups that succeed by giving them the essential knowledge needed to flourish.

Want to start and scale your own company? Are you prepared to raise funds?

This is a Los Angeles based 3-day intensive program to:
- Equip founders with the specific tools and resources they need to build a successful company.
- Learn the secrets to successful fundraising.
- Network with VCs and entrepreneurs 

Founder's Shop

In the Founder's Shop, entrepreneurs will learn how to build a business from scratch and how to raise investor's money. You will receive from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts the required knowledge to raise funds and establish your own high potential startup. The classes will start on Friday night and will finish on Sunday night to accommodate your busy schedule.

1) Entrepreneurs don’t have the basic knowledge needed to build a startup.
2) They lack a strong entrepreneurial network is vital to success.
3) There is an absence of communication and connection with investors is a struggle that entrepreneurs face.
4) First time founders lack startup experience and struggle to adapt to the culture.


1) Our weekend program will give you the required knowledge to found a company and to fundraise.
2) You will meet other like-minded people and receive advice from other successful entrepreneurs.
3) We give you the opportunity to connect with our investor and mentor network.
4) Access startup internships and jobs via our portfolio companies.

Why us

1) Quake has an expansive international network with connections across diverse industries.
2) We can introduce you to other investors and potential mentors.
3) Our team is very hands-on and will provide continual guidance after the Founder’s Shop program ends.
4) We already funded and accelerated more than 100 startups around the US, which gives us an overview of the latest innovations, across many industries.
5) Quake has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Austin (Texas), and is planning on opening new locations soon!

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