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Navigation is inherently visual and that represents a huge challenge for the 285M people in the world with a visual impairment. Wayband is a wristband that gently guides users to a destination without the need for any visual or audio cues.
At WearWorks, we designs products and experiences that information through touch.

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Keith Kirkland - Cofounder - Head of Haptics and Sales -, Kevin Yoo - Cofounder - Head of Design and Marketing -


Our business model is physical device sales B2B (blind organizations and wholesalers) and DTC through direct sales and partner channels.

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

Secured channel partners for pilots and distribution. Helped the first person who was blind to run in the NYC marathon without sighted assistance. Featured in Discovery, NYTimes, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, and TED. All investors in current round have strategic expertise from operating blind support organizations, PR and Marketing, Wireless communications technology, and scaling startups.


Seed Stage: Pre-Revenue, Pre-Product, Post Market Proof

Type of Round

Seed round

Pre-Money Valuation

$5M post-money

Target Raise


Type of Note

SAFE: Valuation Cap $5M or Discount 20%

Amount Left in Round



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