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A technology and creative company that delivers inclusive XR, gaming and multi-platform
creative and enterprise products with a fixation on connectivity, interactivity and feedback
that captures valuable data.

Immersive AT-HOME consumer engagement in entertainment, media, music, retail, sports & eSports is needed NOW more than ever.

The supply of high-end, well-produced gaming, XR, 3D and holographic-related experiences & content is unaffordable, rarely available and is NOT INCLUSIVE.

Content and telecommunications companies haven’t figured out how to measure big-audience engagement qualitatively across different touch points.

With Magic Leap focusing on healthcare, they've left a giant hole in the XR creative community. (We've poached several Magic Leap developers who want to continue revolutionzing industries with XR.)

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Taylor Humphries, CEO,
Greg Nason, Development,
Kat Fisher, Marketing/Ads,
Michael William, Finance,
Gwayne Lai, CFO,


At-Home XR experiences for retail consumers

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

At-Home XR experiences for retail consumers. $250,000 to $4 million per activation. Produce/develop transcendent immersive experiences, original IP and multi-platform/XR content in film/TV and mobile/video gaming for various partners. $300,000 to $20+ million. Give at-home sports and eSports fans, the VIP treatment with interactive and immersive experiences. $250,000 to $1 million per activation. Build immersive audio, AR/VR, 3D activations for at-home viewers of music festivals, museums, theme parks, concerts and other venues. $250,000+ per activation. Some of our team helped build the Unreal game-engine for THE MANDALORIAN on Disney+. $393 BILLION will be spent on XR in 2025. The amount of $$ film/TV studios, retailers, music companies, sports companies and others spend on XR will continue to grow. Our Apple deal could be worth as much as $100M for the first iteration of our XR/multi-platform project.



Type of Round

Pre-Money Valuation


Target Raise


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Amount Left in Round


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