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Otso Corp

Otso writes AA-rated guarantees on behalf of Tenants to provide an alternative to cash deposits.
Problem: Cash deposits fail both parties in a commercial lease agreement.1) Deposit amounts do not adequately cover default risk for landlords. 2) Tenants would rather use their cash as working capital for their business.
Solution: Replace cash deposits with a AA-rated credit guarantee. 1) AA-rated Enhanced Risk Coverage for Landlords. 2) Business get to keep their cash for their business!

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.15.25 PM.png

Marissa Limsiaco, President,
Josh Feinberg, Head of Sales and
Frank Rogers, Head of Technology and Business Process,


Landlords pay Otso a monthly fee per lease guarantee.

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

Product launch was in March 2020.
5 Properties Onboarded with Otso.


We are pre-revenue, but anticipate our first guarantee written for revenue within the next 30 days.

Type of Round

Pre-Money Valuation

$4M Cap / 20% Discount

Target Raise


Type of Note

Convertible Note

Amount Left in Round


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