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OVAL Digital, Inc.

OVAL is a 5-in-1 smart sensor that monitors and alerts you in real-time to sudden or gradual changes in motion, light, temperature, humidity and water in your home, business, second home, residence of your senior loved ones and many other locales.

By providing constant monitoring and early detection, OVAL helps prevent or reduce loss and damage caused by theft, water leaks, accidents, and unsafe or unhealthy conditions.

Consumer problems we’re trying to solve are 1) helping them prevent or reduce loss and damage caused by theft, water leaks, and unsafe or unhealthy conditions, 2) do this with the least amount of hardware, apps, time, effort, and frustration, and 3) do it in a simple and effective way – no cameras or microphones, no complex integration – just an easy-to-use sensor that alerts you as soon as it's moved, gets wet, too hot or cold, light or dark, too dry or humid.

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Michael Harry, Chief Executive Officer,
Lannie Moore, Executive Vice President,
Eric Pelz, Chief Legal Officer,
Pranay Mathur, Chief Technology Officer,


B2C & B2B

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

In January 2020, we launched OVAL’s 2nd generation product line at CES. We opened pre-sales Jan. 10 and started shipping our product in February 2020. We have earned approx. $10K in revenue with zero advertising since our product became available (due to the COVID-19 pandemic and being considered a non-essential item, we experienced delays due to supply chain bottlenecks and decided to delay advertising campaigns until the economy is reopen).

We currently have 3 pilot programs underway with property management companies to build out use cases, collect data and release product updates for our PropTech channel specifically. These pilot programs are expected to generate revenues in Q4 2020.



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