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Despite billions spent on turnout, 100M Americans don’t vote. Status quo strategies for turnout are broken. Phone calls, TV ads, mail—they don’t drive action, reach digital natives, or address behavioral barriers, like missed deadlines and confusion.

Motivote delivers a more effective method for turnout. The digital platform applies proven “nudge” strategies that millennials know and love from apps like FitBit and Duolingo to increase turnout by 2-3X. For organizational clients, Motivote increases their bandwidth, drives higher turnout rates, and unlocks real-time data.

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Jess Riegel, CEO,
Rachel Konowitz, COO,


Motivote licenses the platform to clients and offers a recurring subscription model.

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

Since our first set of pilots in Fall 2019, we have launched 10 paid pilots including contracts with a national nonprofit and major university. (MRR: $5-8K)



Type of Round


Pre-Money Valuation


Target Raise


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Amount Left in Round


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