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Hospitality groups suffer from fragmented operational systems, creating inefficient and costly processes.

Marqii is an API platform that automates updates to 75+ consumer sites (Yelp, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, DoorDash and more) from their POS enabling an automated source of truth for ALL relevant consumer data.

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Avi Goren CEO (, Evan Perlmutter COO, Bryan Rutcofsky CRO


Marqii is a B2B SaaS model, with three tiers and annual payments.

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

Current MRR: $22,067 Current ARR: $264,804. Since March 1st we've grown revenue by just over 10%.


We have proved our retention and ability to sell. It's now time to scale and grow. Marqii has 3 full time employees, with our 4th starting July 1st. We are hiring 4 sellers during the summer, and a full time engineer, 6 sellers and 3 support staff in the fall.

Type of Round

Seed Round on a Post Money Safe

Pre-Money Valuation


Target Raise


Type of Note

Post Money Safe ($5,000,000)

Amount Left in Round


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