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Flatlay is the end to end social commerce automation platform for brands, creatives & customers.

The platform provides publishing tools for anyone start a digital storefront in seconds while empowering brands and retailers with tools to activate a community of customers and advocates to source content from to fuel sales.

Today, Flatlay provides the infrastructure for more than +700 of the top international brands and retailers registered. The business portal empowers distributed organizations to source original and existing content across various social platforms through customers, advocates and creative marketing personnel helping to automate support.

By activating community, Flatlay has been consistently ahead of the curve when implementing Content Loyalty Programs providing full transparency and ROI accountability.

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Ali Sammour (CEO) -
Morteza Nokhodian (CTO) -


B2B2C Enterprise SaaS

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

700 Brands Registered, 20% MoM Growth, 10,000 MRR


Seed/Series A

Type of Round

Pre-Money Valuation


Target Raise


Type of Note


Amount Left in Round


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