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Endorsify prices influencer user-generated content. Marketers use our price to boost ROI on their ad spend. The problem is arbitrary pricing between influencers and brands.

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Wally Sajimi - CEO/Co-Founder,
David Sun Lee - CTO/Co-Founder,


SaaS business model. Annual or monthly recurring fee.

Business Model
Traction & Milestones

Recent Investors: Innovation Works and Comcast/Boomtown.
Q4 Comcast/Xfinity API pilot with 50 Marketers

1,050 customers
Avg. 61% of retained customers, after 10 months
6% of churned customers, after 10 months.

Revenue 2020:
January: $26,050 MRR
February: $26,050 MRR
March: $28,800 MRR
April: $21,400 MRR + $8,650 add on from revenue split.
May: $17,400 MRR + $3,600 add on from revenue split.
Current 2020 ARR: $287,280

2020 Projections:
June: $16,200 MRR
July: $41,000 (Comcast/Xfinity API pilot) + $16,000 MRR
August: $41,000 (Comcast/Xfinity API pilot) + $16,000 MRR
September: $60,000 (Comcast/Xfinity API pilot)
October: $60,000 (Comcast/Xfinity API pilot)
November: $80,000 (Scale to Comcast Marketing Agencies)
December: $80,000 (Scale to Comcast Marketing Agencies)



Type of Round

Priced Equity Round

Pre-Money Valuation


Target Raise


Type of Note


Amount Left in Round


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