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Modern marksmanship training hasn't advanced into the 21st century. In for an officer or individual to become proficient, they need to one-on-one instruction to learn proper technique and thousands of hours of practice to build muscle memory to perform quickly and under pressure. Regular training is also required to keep skills sharp which can be difficult due to the monotony of traditional repetitive training.

Enter Aimsteady, the world's first wearable markanship coach. AimSteady is an automated coach that uses a mobile-connected, ring-based platform. Our advanced sensors package is miniaturized to be worn directly on the learner’s finger, wirelessly providing comprehensive data that is tracked and recorded to conduct performance reviews. AimSteady drastically reduces the time it takes to train to become proficient by providing real-time feedback, building crucial muscle memory quickly. AimSteady also keeps training interesting through a gamified platform of regularly updated drills by professional military instructors.

Law enforcement spend a lot of time, money, and energy training their officers to pass qualification and annual requalification exams, which many end up failing. Utilizing the same hardware, the commercial model provides a solution for law enforcement, military, and private securty allows for the agencies to track their organizational training data by individual, accurately for the first time.

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David Camp, CTO:
John Daly, CEO:


B2B through a monthly per user subscription

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