The Entrepreneur's Holiday Wish List
January 6, 2017

‘Tis the season to be merry, and as the fourth quarter concludes and temperatures in New York City drop below freezing, entrepreneurs deserve an extra boost of the holiday spirit. We at Quake have compiled a holiday wish list to help you get something special this season for your entrepreneurial loved ones. Read below for this year’s four hottest gifts for the CEO-to-be in your life.

1. Self-respect.

Ah, self-respect. From biting their tongues around blunt investors to receiving unhelpful, unsolicited criticism, up-and-coming entrepreneurs are in dire need of some human dignity. This is no Yankee candle or iTunes gift card; replenished self-esteem is a personalized way to show your entrepreneur friend or relative that you care. And no need to leave the receipt in the box-- he or she will undoubtedly appreciate the gift. Because who likes questioning their life choices 24/7?

2. Sleep

Ain’t no rest for the wicked, but the same goes for those in the startup world. All-nighters and coffee are hallmarks of a startup founder’s first few years, but nothing dries the tears of exhaustion like eight hours of shuteye. Give your entrepreneur the gift of rest, and you’re guaranteed to be paid back that $300 they borrowed for their prototype in ‘09.

3. A Lifetime Supply of 5-Hour Energy

Sleep can be difficult to get your hands on this time of year, so here’s a cheaper alternative if you can’t. Nothing says, “I care about you,” like 215 milligrams of caffeine concentrated into two-ounce shots. A lifetime supply of 5-Hour Energy is perfect for entrepreneurs that live on the edge and are willing to put their minds and bodies to the test. Apparently there are some vitamins in it, too. That helps.

4. Employees that Do Their F@!&ing Jobs

It can be difficult dealing with employees who forget to send important emails or don’t finish spreadsheets in time for a presentation. Entrepreneurs need a team they can trust to get the job done. Get your industrialist-on-the-rise some employees that do their f@!&ing jobs, perhaps the most elusive gift on our list. And who knows? With the right team, your entrepreneur might finally make it home for the holidays.

We hope this list gives you some gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life, and we look forward to working with the next group of startups in our next University Investor Series on January 25th. Happy holidays from Quake!

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