Nok: Push Experiences
April 26, 2019

Through experiential or engagement marketing, brands can put their products in consumers’ hands, making it 50 times more likely for the consumer to buy the product. Once the consumer gets that free sample to try out, they feel ownership and commitment to the brand. Nok offers a solution that makes experiential marketing more sustainable, convenient for consumers, and cost-effective for brands.

About the team

Meet Griffin Peddicord, co-founder and CTO of nok. Before nok, Griffin and Robert Wann—co-founder and CEO—launched a synchronised music streaming app. The creation led Griffin to be recognized by President Barack Obama as part of the Global Entrepreneur Summit in 2015. After the company took off, they sold their shares and went separate ways, only to come back several years later to create another new venture. This time, they were creating a peer-to-peer rental app for all sorts of household products, from a ladder to a drill. Due to lack of capital, the service shuttered early on, but the team learned many great lessons and made wonderful connections throughout the process.

In 2017, nok was founded in Berlin. Bobby was working as an advisor for Startup Bootcamp, where he met his co-founder Renato Ricci, another senior advisor at the Bootcamp. Griffin, who made several trips to Berlin for due diligence while working with an investment group, believed the pair was on the right path with nok and enjoyed the team dynamic. He came on board shortly after.

The nok team has a unique mindset that drives their success. Griffin shares how the team  obsessively uses positive manifestation to craft future reward for the company-–if something goes not as planned, they use it as a moment to lift each other up.

About nok

Nok identified an underserved opportunity in the market: people want to try products before buying them. With the growth of e-commerce, returns are costing companies a lot of money. Nok allows brands to offer free in-home product tryouts, providing the opportunity to market their product in an unconventional and powerful way. The customer can request to try a product just by providing credit card details, without upfront payment. Once they have requested the tryout, nok will deliver the product in two hours or less, and the customer will be able to use the product for three days, like they own it, before making a purchasing decision. If the customer chooses to purchase, he or she can either keep the product in hand or get a new one in two hours. The returned product is then re-packaged and used for another tryout on the same day, making it a more sustainable service.

Nok is generating product experiences at scale, offering brands experiential marketing opportunities. Getting products into consumers’ hands is a great way of reaching more people—if the consumer has a good experience with the product, he or she will be more likely to refer someone else. Also, Griffin emphasizes how nok is a cost-effective approach for brands. Living in Soho, he compares the experience nok offers to the experiential pop-up stores and showrooms in Soho. A tryout delivery service is not only significantly cheaper for brands, but also more convenient for customers. nok’s target market is big brands with large marketing budgets that will deliver high-end products. There is a market for nok’s service as consumers have become used to free returns and abusing these policies.

Looking forward

Nok has already gained quite a big of recognition. The company was named as an official top startup in Berlin through the Berlin Partnership, and Griffin recently won the Passage to Profit podcast competition hosted by iHeartRadio. In addition to that, nok was just named a Top 50 Global Tech Company and will be presented the award at Intercon in Las Vegas on June 18th.

The nok team strongly believes that trying a product out before buying it will become a requirement for consumers. Nok is on its way to becoming a provider for a wide range of companies. Griffin believes Quake’s hyper-focused environment and structure is the formula to create constant momentum that will help them stay on the right path towards their mission.

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