Morbax: Intelligent Recruiting In The 21st Century
April 4, 2018

Recruiting can be difficult when HR managers have to sort through hundreds of resumes from applicants, even if some are irrelevant to the job. Meet Morbax HR, a recruitment assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence to help source and shortlist ready-for-interview candidates within minutes based on existing company and team data.

Morbax provides a shortlist of related and qualified candidates to HR managers if they need to fill job vacancies. The company also provides automated employee and company assessments through their machine learning algorithms. They have created a platform that automatically manages and predicts future hires, automates recruitment, tracks the onboarding process and further career development of the workforce, and analyzes existing staff performance to provide suggestions for improvement.

Morbax is led by Mamed Khalilov and Kirill Perestiuk. Mamed is the CEO and has spent ten years in software development. Kirill is Morbax’s COO, with 10 years of experience in B2B sales at companies like Toyota, Volvo, and Caterpillar. Kirill and Mamed met while interviewing for a position at a leading IT company in Ukraine. They were rejected, despite the fact that both of them were ideal candidates for the role. After this, they met and discussed possibilities for AI in HR, and decided to work together.

They started from scratch, with nothing in June 2017. Now, alongside the two founders, Morbax has nine employees that are just as passionate about the product. Morbax re-located to Kiev, Ukraine after being accepted into UNIT.City, a WeWork-like network located there. From there, they started building their SaaS product, targeting B2B enterprises.

The team has been working on Morbax for around 15 months and has received positive feedback on their demo. They first plan on rolling out their recruiting service, because hiring relevant candidates is a critical need for companies. They then plan to roll out out their employee assessment software in the next few months. The Morbax team wants to create different products using their algorithms, but to have them all be integrated and work well together. They also see a future in being a resource platform for entrepreneurs and startups to help determine what will be successful based on market needs, and to help entrepreneurs looking for co-founders and team members.

Kirill and Mamed are really inspired by the dedication of their team. There were a few months when there was no money to pay salaries, but nobody left the team. Everyone believed in the product and worked tirelessly to develop it. Their employees came in as junior software developers, grew with the company, and didn’t leave for different opportunities.

In a year, Kirill sees Morbax with 20 to 25 primary customers. He also sees the company raising $1.1 million in seed funding, and gaining market share. Morbax will target the US market, and HR managers will come to know the product and understand how well it works.

In the United States, Morbax is looking to learn from people with expertise in the field. They are also interested in building partnerships and making sales. The team is working on PR and marketing to local HR managers, companies, and executives. They are excited to be at Quake, because they feel like Quake is pushing Morbax to reach their goals. It is Morbax’s second accelerator program, and they feel like New York is a great location, as it is convenient and has an extensive network.

Morbax is intent on disrupting the HR market, especially since no other company is solving the problem quite like they are. At Quake, we’re super excited to see how Morbax will disrupt the human resources space.

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