Meet Quake NYC's Fall 2018 Cohort!
August 21, 2018

The summer heat is taking no prisoners here in the Northeast, but the NYC Quake team is celebrating: The fourth cohort launched! Check out the sixteen great companies below, and see how they're all disrupting a variety of industries.


ADWAY is an advertising platform that pays drivers for displaying ads on their personal or company vehicles. They use their proprietary projection technology to dynamically connect brands and drivers with specified targeted locations and consumers. is pioneering radically simple software for video search and sharing. Its solutions help small to mid-size organizations improve the way they tag, search, share and archive digital video content.

BlueWave Technologies, Inc. is a cleantech company that created the BLUEWAVE™ Rapid Disinfection Device - a water free, detergent free, and chemical free plasma infusion device that cleans items that are extremely hard or impossible to clean with a washer and dryer.

DuroUAS develops unmanned autonomous systems to gather maritime data conveniently and affordably. Their technology can be applied to autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and various types of drones. 

Five to Nine is a culture engagement solution that increases employee connectivity and inclusion. The platform allows employees to invest in their personal and professional development through culture-building experiences while simultaneously building relationships and trust throughout the enterprise.

Fohlio is a platform that provides solutions for architects, designers, engineers, and contractors to research, select, and incorporate building products into their projects effortlessly.  

Good Boy Studios, Inc is changing the world of pet contests via their marketing platform, Pet Parade. Businesses sponsor online pet-related contests and can reward parents for participating with real prizes and social awards for their pets.

Good Company is bringing to market a compelling design-driven proposition based on the marketing platform of creating good products for good people. They are entering the market via scented deodorants.

Hurree is the marketing automation platform for apps that increases and improves user engagement. By automatically enhancing the one-to-one personal user experience, it goes one step further without demanding additional time from the marketer.

Mirow develops smart recommendation systems for retail fitting rooms based on interactive touchscreen mirrors that allow customers to get recommendations, call for assistance, and get their items in desired size or color.

Open Health Network Open Health Network enables rapid development of mobile health apps and chatbots, using a platform based on artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Upside Health, creator of the Ouchie app, is using digital tools to improve functional outcomes and reduce costs for chronic pain patients.

OVAL Digital creates smart sensors that make any object or area in your home smarter, instantly. OVAL sensors are all-in-one: They monitor and detect changes in motion, temperature, light, humidity or water, sending notifications so users can react quickly.

Ranked Media’s Ranked10 app allows users to upload their videos to more than 70 categories and find out what their friends and influencers think about different content and products.

swivl is an engagement toolset utilizing proprietary human-in-the-loop AI to personalize each customer touchpoint. Think Squarespace for AI.

WhoseYourLandlord is a web platform connecting quality renters with quality home providers. Through up-to-date listings, home provider reviews, and verified renter information, WYL introduces accountability, transparency, and efficiency into home rental.


There are just a few weeks left in the accelerator, and each company has shown remarkable progress. Keep an eye out for these rising startups! 

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