KeriCure: Healing the way nature intended
May 7, 2019

KeriCure, founded by a PhD organic chemist, has brought an innovative, all-in-one skin and wound care solution to address healing and infection control worldwide.

Meet the founder and CEO

Kerriann Greenhalgh, founder and CEO of KeriCure, is a PhD organic chemist and graduate from the University of South Florida. During grad school, Kerriann’s husband experienced a small cut that led to a serious infection and almost made him lose the use of his entire hand. His experience inspired Kerriann to start KeriCure. Kerriann identified what she believed was a need for innovation in the market, where the current products available failed to prevent her husband’s infection. As a result, she became determined to use biotechnology to create a novel product line that addresses the key issues in skin and wound care.

Finding the right team

Kerriann believes that finding the right people to build up the team has been one of the biggest challenges in her entrepreneurship path. It is difficult to locate specialized people for specific roles that are simultaneously able to learn on the job and adapt to the challenges being thrown at them. Having people on board who have the ability to figure out how to tackle a challenge, even if it is not part of their core skills, is extremely valuable. In the case of KeriCure, it is important for the team to have the skills to tackle both chemistry and operations-based challenges. Fortunately, KeriCure has valuable people on board. With a solid team of advisors, and an exceptional managing director in Pam Sovine, they are poised for success. Pam has added valuable insights from an operational standpoint given her previous experiences at companies like Home Depot and Coca-Cola.

KeriCure and its liquid bandage

KeriCure is a biotech company that offers skin and wound care products on the professional, consumer and animal health markets. Their first product on the market was a spray on bandage with a unique set of attributes. The bandage formula contains silver nanoparticles that provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits for wound care, and contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives. KeriCure’s liquid bandage disinfects, covers and provides moisture to the wound. It creates the ideal moist wound environment while keeping dirt and germs out, and offers a comfortable, elastic, and invisible barrier that protects against infection. The products are meant to offer an over-the-counter alternative not only for people with skin and wound issues, but also for pet owners through KeriCure’s line of animal products.

Looking forward

KeriCure is working to expand into the medical market, sending its products directly to dermatologists, wound centers, nursing homes and hospitals. Moving forward, it is essential for them to identify strategic licensing and channel partners for sale and distribution in the medical market.

Quake’s New York City accelerator program aligns with the company’s growth plans. KeriCure looks forward to taking advantage of Quake’s resources and location in the city to get on the industry’s radar and garner even more visibility to top biotech firms worldwide.

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