Introducing Quake NYC's Spring 2019 Cohort!
February 14, 2019

Following a breakout year for venture capital in 2018, The Quake Capital NYC team is ecstatic to be part of the momentum and introduce to you our cohort for Spring 2019! After a highly competitive process, these companies were chosen from a variety of industries ready to be disrupted. Check out our new companies to kickoff the new year.

Chatquery replaces excel workbooks and online dashboards with an AI chatbot for data analytics and reporting at large enterprises.

Drofika turns laptops, tablets and smartphones into data centers that process data for medium sized businesses that want an easy-to-use and cost effective cloud solution.

DENTIDESK offers dentists a virtual office accessible from anywhere at any time via the Internet. It allows them to manage all aspects of clinical and administrative tasks in a secure and user friendly way.

Frequency is an audio advertising platform that manages the creative lifecycle of audio ads by providing data-driven products and analytics, asset management and trafficking systems, and a vendor marketplace to connect advertisers with creative producers. Frequency helps unlock demand across the $38B audio ad market and facilitates wide-speed adoption of programmatic audio advertising.

Flatlay is the visual storytelling platform for products. The social marketplace and publishing tools help creatives build, share and monetize product content while allowing brands & retailers to upload affiliated goods & offers into a workflow management system. The platform provides the ability to directly integrate and send product to brand advocates hired for media campaigns distributed programmatically.

Fleeting is a mobile platform that connects certified CDL class A + B drivers to Fortune 500 companies for on-demand and temporary transportation needs.

Gluetech combines a rich forensic real-time approach to identify and track data across financial transactions for the purpose of audits, regulatory reporting and analytical insights. The solution provides transparency, accuracy and security, which helps bring disparate stakeholders together.

Kericure has created natural skin and wound care products based on cutting edge nano polymer technology that offer unique advantages over current products in the over-the-counter, animal health and professional medical markets.

Neurosity believes in empowering the mind. They are building neural devices and neural apps to use our thoughts to interact with technology.

Nok enables brands to sustainably offer instant home try-outs to consumers at scale. Home try-outs include instant delivery, no money down, and the option to buy & return pickup. Nok has created the world’s fastest circular supply chain that can distribute 100 product units to 1600 homes/offices in only 2 months.

Obe is an IoT pet health and wellness company whose first product is the patented Obe ProBowl. ProBowl combines a dishwasher safe bowl with a smart scale that connects via WiFi to an app. ProBowl prevents overfeeding, tracks eating and drinking habits, replenishes pet food automatically and takes worry and hassle away from day-to-day pet care.

PartsPedigree is a digital supply chain platform for traceability and document/data sharing using blockchain, cloud, mobile and image recognition. PartsPedigree is a digital marketplace for business applications on a SaaS model.

SeaStraws provides nationwide distributors and individual restaurants with disposable, single-use paper products that minimize environmental impact. The company’s core product is a made-in-the-USA compostable paper straw made of FSC-100 certified paper that aims to displace every plastic straw in the country.

Surefyre is a configurable and sticky SaaS platform used by P&C insurance companies to store business critical data, do more business with agents, and easily integrate with new insurance technologies to stay competitive as the industry rapidly evolves.

Sonic Sleep Coach A.I. Assistant is a software platform that improves sleep quality by analyzing sleep in real-time to deliver instant interventions that prevent disorders and optimize consciousness.

We can’t wait to work with these incredible people and ideas. Interested in learning more about these companies and meeting our teams? See here for more information on our NYC Accelerator Kickoff for our Spring 2019 Cohort on February 21st from 6-8:30 at the Galvanize office in Soho, New York City.

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