Fleeting: Linking Certified Class A Drivers to Fortune 500 Companies
April 8, 2019

Fleeting is on a mission to change the narrative around trucking and create opportunities for drivers by connecting certified Class A drivers to Fortune 500 companies with on-demand and temporary transportation needs.

Meet the Founder and CEO

Pierre Laguerre, Founder and CEO of Fleeting, has used his experience as a former truck operator to pinpoint the real problem in the trucking industry and offer a solution that has the potential to transform the industry. Pierre was born in Haiti and moved to the US at the age of 15. After attending college for a year, he had to drop out due to financial struggles. After that, Pierre was always on the move, taking jobs ranging from making deliveries, to getting customers for a glass-cleaning service by knocking on doors around Brooklyn, to operating his own truck in order to make a living. By operating his own truck, he gained invaluable insights into the industry from an operational standpoint and realized the real problem many might not be aware of is the lack of empathy from drivers and companies. Pierre’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to change the narrative for drivers led him to start Fleeting. At an event in 2018, Pierre met Paul Munguia, who believed in the company’s mission and shared the same vision that led Pierre to found Fleeting. They have been working together ever since to grow the company.

Reflecting on their entrepreneurial path, Pierre and Paul want to advise new and young entrepreneurs that if you have an idea, you do not need to have the technology figured out right away to build your business. If the offline idea is good enough, technology will accelerate it but it is not essential to launch.

Meet the Company

From his own experience, Pierre explains how drivers are constantly on the move, trapped in an endless cycle of waking up, driving all day, sleeping for a few hours wherever the night lands (sometimes they even sleep on the side of the road), and repeating this all over again. Similarly to how autonomous vehicles would operate, drivers are treated like machines, forced to give up their personal lives. At the same time, companies do not have enough drivers and are losing money as 40% of fleets go unused while they pay costly loans for the trucks. Similarly, e-commerce is increasing the demand for drivers, and supply is not keeping up with this demand. Pierre believes the problem both sides are facing can be traced back to a lack of empathy towards drivers from companies and viceversa. As a result, Fleeting is bridging this gap by using technology to create a flexible model to connect Class A drivers with a company and schedule of their choice, seeking to give drivers their lives back and provide customers with qualified drivers that match their standards. Fleeting is a reliable alternative for drivers as they do not have to own their own trucks, meaning they do not have to pay for insurance or maintenance.

Looking Forward

Pierre and Paul are working to turn Fleeting into a billion dollar business in a few years. Along the way, their mission is to normalize trucking so that it is no longer perceived with the cultural stigmas it has today, but rather is thought of as a viable way to make money and an inclusive and diverse business. By changing the narrative and creating opportunities for drivers, Fleeting will bring women, members of the LGBTQ community and millenials to the industry and make it more appealing by creating opportunities for drivers to experience, explore and travel.

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