Duro UAS: Making Smart Underwater Technology
October 16, 2018

Data collection is becoming increasingly more important in the world today. Aerial drones and polar-orbiting satellites and hygrometers have all exhibited rapid and multifarious developments across their industries. But maritime data collection has not kept up with this pace. The oceanic economy continues to use outdated methods such as buoys and divers. And the few technologically advanced products in the market are not easily accessible for all the industry players.

Brian Wilson, an experienced entrepreneur and avid hobbyist of data collection systems, saw a massive opportunity: unmanned autonomous devices for inspection and surveillance of shallow, complex harbors and coastal cities. This venture did not only have potential but was also the perfect way for Brian to combine his love for robotics with his skills in manufacturing and large-scale systems. So, began Duro UAS.

Driven by the vision that revenue generation and social good can coexist, Duro UAS manufactures autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) at a cost that is affordable to a large segment of the maritime industry. They currently offer two products: the Harbor AUV and the Duro Sonde.

The Harbor AUV is a robot primed for inspection, surveillance and mapping of the waters.  It can be applied to many sub-sea inspection purpose, such as assessing bridge scour, which is the number one cause of failure for bridges worldwide or inspecting internet cables laid on the ocean’s bottom. It is a cost-effective data collection system that has amazing potential not only to aid private companies and the military but to protect the environment and society from potential harm.

The Duro Sonde is a small probe that monitors and collects water quality data. The monitoring is based on the five basic parameters tracked in water bodies: pH, conductivity, oxidation reduction potential, temperature and dissolved oxygen. It reads data down to the second, and is power-efficient, allowing companies to gain a better understanding of what is happening under the surface. It can be deployed into the water in various ways, such as connected to a buoy or attached to a Harbor AUV.

In line with their social impact mission, Duro is also engaged with the Billion Oysters Project, an effort to restore one billion live oysters to the New York Harbor. By using their Harbor AUVs, they not only collect valuable data for the program but also immerse Harbor School students in the world of drone technology.

Through Quake’s accelerator program, Duro has been able to gain access to a plethora of resources and build itself more professionally. Brian’s personal favourite is the bi-weekly classes and he notes how “learning from people in all different aspects such as legal, marketing and HR” has significantly helped him focus on strategy and critically plan for the future.

The Duro team is very excited about next year as their first commercial products will be out in the market. They are looking forward to establishing an effective customer service system and solidify many of the relationships they have been cultivating over their development stage. At Quake, we are delighted to have Duro UAS as part of our cohort and are certain that they will change the face of maritime data collection.

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