Quake NYC Demo Day: Disrupting the New York Startup Scene
April 23, 2018

Finally, the time has come for Quake Capital’s NYC Spring 2018 Demo Day. After twelve weeks of hard work, our cohort of companies is ready to take the stage and show you what they’ve been working on. Join us at SubCulture NYC this Thursday, April 26th. Doors open at 4:45, and pitches begin at 5:45. Stay afterwards to enjoy a reception and drinks at 7:30. Here's a brief overview of our thirteen NYC Spring 2018 companies:

MicroEra Power is developing the world’s most efficient stationary generator to provide businesses with cost-effective on-site power generation through hybrid systems using natural gas or propane.

Node Capital provides a range of digital analytics tools to serve the cryptocurrency trading needs of investment management funds and banks.

Digital Claim uses technology to improve the claims management and recovery processes of health and travel insurance companies by turning paper files into fully digitized claims using their OCR and machine learning tools.

ABRAXAS Technology provides real-time visibility, engagement, and customer behavior metrics, allowing advertisers to see how many people viewed the advertisement and when.

Lilu, the first pumping bra with automated compression, pumps up to 50% more than with a suction pump alone. With Lilu’s pumping bra, you get all the benefits of a breast massage hands-free and hassle-free so you can relax and catch up on emails, news and more.

Babierge is a baby gear rental service and marketplace serving traveling families. The Babierge platform enables gig-economy moms to launch baby gear rental businesses.

Rebus is an artificial intelligence-based tool that lets any event organizer create its own app based on their needs in less than 3 minutes.

BC3 Technologies' proprietary chitosan-based aerosol product allows for easy application to wounds as well as increased clotting ability for the medical, military, and general consumer sectors, rivaling competing products in both performance and cost.

Informu is the world’s smallest predictive loss prevention device. It alerts you within seconds when your valuables are forgotten, stolen or misplaced.

BlastPoint makes big data affordable and accessible through the magic of maps, putting big company-style geographic insights within reach of those who need them in a visual way.

Morbax HR automatically sources, pre-selects and evaluates candidates before interviews and shortlists the best-matching talents to HR, freeing up HR to focus their time, energy and capital on their current workforce.

Junkless challenges the status quo of the processed foods industry by making snack foods with simple and real ingredients, without all the complicated inventions of modern food science.

Stemless offers a suite of management solutions for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. It is the only cannabis ordering platform to offer electronic payment processing in full compliance with applicable banking regulations.

See how our cohort is disrupting the NYC startup scene. You can get your tickets here. Don’t worry, they’re free.

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