BC3 Technologies: The Spray That Saves Lives
April 9, 2018

Hypovolemic shock. That’s what happens when people lose too much blood, resulting in their blood plasma being too low. If left untreated, hypovolemic shock can lead to death. But what if there was an easy and clean way to prevent this? A way that would minimize first responders’ contact with blood-borne diseases while still reducing blood flow and the chance of infection? Meet BC3 Technologies, developer of a Chitosan-based aerosol spray with powerful anti- hemorrhagic and anti-microbial properties.

BC3 Technologies was founded by Wayne Grube, the company’s CEO. He has a finance background and an aerosol business that does contract packaging with big-name companies. Wayne describes his work as helping to make everyone else’s dreams a reality. For example, he helped Aeronics, a company in Quake’s last cohort, manufacture its product. This piqued his curiosity about Quake and the world of startups.

Wayne had the ability and knowledge to make what he wanted, and wound dressings had always been an interest of his. He wanted to do something to make a difference and save lives. After experiencing police brutality and random acts of violence in Baltimore, Wayne wanted to do his part to help mitigate the effects of these disasters. Thus, the idea of BC3T was born.

Lee is BC3 Technologies’ COO, and is actually Wayne’s brother. The CFO of BC3T is Karen, who also serves as the Controller for Wayne’s aerosol packaging company. After doing business with Wayne for many years, it became clear that she was a good fit for the BC3T team as well.

Wayne knew from the beginning that the material he wanted to use was Chitosan. Chitosan is made of bleached and sanitized crustacean shells, and has hemostatic properties that Wayne wanted to amplify. Being based in Maryland was also great for the company-- Maryland is the land of the crab. Through his connections in Baltimore, Wayne built relationships with experts in the Chitosan space, Dr. Rivelino Montenegro and Dr. Thomas Frier.

Dr. Montenegro and Dr. Frier already had a company that made Chitosan-based products, so they helped develop BC3T’s first product, SEAL. In order to test the new product, the team sent it to Dr. Kiribati, the Head of the Army Surgical Unit in Houston. Dr. Kiribati loved it and wrote a great letter of recommendation. Currently, SEAL is awaiting FDA approval.

For a while, Wayne shelved BC3T. However, he soon realized he wanted to make his dream a reality. The company is currently preparing to roll out its chitosan spray. When asked where he sees BC3T in one year, Wayne said that he sees the company producing and selling its product both domestically and internationally. He sees BC3T saving lives by selling the product to different branches of the military, first responders, and people in other countries. He emphasizes that you can’t put a dollar amount on someone’s life.

BC3T is excited to be in Quake’s accelerator. Wayne says he has certain skill set, in that he can tell you how to make things. He is a self-described “geek” that likes to tinker with things. But he wanted some guidance as to where to go from there. Through Quake, Wayne and the BC3T team are excited to learn, as this will push them to open their eyes and absorb as much as they can. They are also looking to grow as a company and a team and meet new people. Quake is happy to invest in BC3T because the company has the potential to not only grow, but also to save lives.

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