Announcing Quake Capital’s 2019 Austin Cohort
September 25, 2019

Quake Capital is a seed-stage venture capital fund and growth accelerator program. Through our 12-week accelerator program, teams receive world-class coaching and personalized mentorship targeted at each company's specific needs, as well as access to our extensive network of investors and strategic partners.

We have been heads down for the past 8 weeks and are finally announcing our 2019 Cohort! The current cohort is full of potential and it has been a privilege to work with each and every one of them. These companies range anywhere from a recent (and well-received) product launch to several companies over 50k MRR, and they’ve already raised millions of dollars during the first 8 weeks of the program (and counting).

Join us in welcoming the companies of Quake Capital’s 2019 Austin Cohort!

FenSens (San Francisco, CA) - FenSens is bringing new car technologies to all vehicles regardless of age – with a focus on user experience, plug & play installation, and a robust platform. Their first products are smart wireless backup cameras and parking sensors that come with an app.

Health Hero (San Francisco, CA) - Health Hero offers omniversal health services. They help manage ailments with calls, text, and chat, aiding medical practitioners in reaching out and following up with patients. The result is improved adherence and 20-50% lower readmittance. 

My Lens (Austin, TX) - My Lens is building a privacy-by-default solution which gives the customer full ownership and control of their information, interacting in a new economy where their data is accessible by subscription

Ossum (New York, NY) - Ossum is a drag and drop platform for the easy creation, browsing, and sharing of fully interactive, hyper engaging videos. The resulting Ossum videos can be shared across social media, ad networks, video embeds and much more. 

PerfectQuote (Austin, TX) - PerfectQuote is revolutionizing the way brokers and employer groups compare hundreds of commercial insurance plans, enabling them to easily select the right plan within seconds. The traditional process of insurance procurement, analysis, and sales can take up to 100 hours.

Rectify (Austin, TX) - Rectify automates the protection of consumer identities and trade secrets when data is being shared. They leverage custom algorithms and workflow methodologies to enable safe data sharing with intelligent redaction. Rectify enables automation via their enterprise software (SaaS) which allows for 90% improvement on time and costs along with the benefit of mitigating fines and negative media headlines.

Tame the Beast (Nashville, TN) - Tame the Beast offers a variety of men’s grooming products to ensure that they look and feel their best. Their products span everything from their proprietary lotions to beard grooming supplies. With a unique subscription option, Tame the Beast is able to offer an extremely convenient alternative to buying products in-store to its clientele.

Tenavox (Austin, TX) - Tenavox is a free comprehensive platform for tenants that informs, matches and connects them to the best buildings, professionals, and resources. Customers get an industry-first “warm referral” lead that is fully aligned, qualified and guided for higher conversion.

TracksNTeeth (Seattle, WA) - TracksNTeeth is an e-commerce marketplace for aftermarket construction parts. TracksNTeeth has enabled machine operators through more convenient access to aftermarket construction parts spanning multiple manufacturers and brands to make finding and buying parts easy. 

Vertify (Austin, TX) - Vertify is a SaaS enterprise cloud data management and integration platform that easily allows users to connect apps, share customer data, and glean insights. With Vertify’s customer data management platform, sales teams are able to close deals 65% faster.

We’re excited to showcase our companies and invite you to join us for our Demo Day, October 16th in Austin, Texas! You can register here.

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