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Quake is a venture capital fund with offices in the U.S. and Europe.  Our growth continuity programs in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York City recruit teams from all around the world, and our newest facility in Cologne, Germany was formed with leading European partners including Deutsche Telekom and RTL. 


As a team, we look to build startup ecosystems and enhance innovation across multiple industry verticals and geographies.  We have a strong affinity for AdTech, AgTech, AR / VR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cellular Communications (5G), Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Energy, Esports, Healthtech, Infrastructure, SaaS, Social Media, Logistics, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Marketplaces, MedTech, Robotics, and Transportation.  We serve all geographies, but we often seek value in underserved areas.


Our goal is to merge investment capital with intense hands-on training and leadership development. By building the right ecosystems we can rapidly accelerate pre-seed and seed stage companies, often producing 9 to 12 months’ worth of growth over the course of a three month growth program.  In terms of what we look for - we focus heavily on traction (50%), team (30%) and market opportunity (20%).


Over the last three years, we’ve worked with over 450 early stage founders to develop a repeatable process that has greatly improved both the overall value and survival rates of over 270 startups. We target teams with untapped potential, sourcing many of our companies from underserved regions, often in smaller cities and rural locations. We help our teams with planning, implementation, sales, development and fundraising, and we routinely connect them with both customers and investors from other regions and areas of influence.


Quake and our corporate partners typically invest $100k to $150k in each team that comes through our program. The accelerator acts as continued due diligence for our investor community as well as our Limited Partners who often participate in follow on investments. Our goal is to get teams ready to raise institutional capital so they can scale to become market leading companies.


Los Angeles






New York

New York




Quake Capital is an early-stage VC with offices in the U.S. and Europe. All Quake investments must participate in a 3-month growth program (now virtual) with one of our offices in NYC, ATX, or LA/EU. The goal of this 12-week program is to prepare companies for hyper-growth and to raise an institutional round of capital. Quake focuses on reverse engineering the Series A raise by plugging into the right data metrics that align with industry benchmarks. In terms of exits, Quake ranks in the top 2% of all early-stage investment vehicles worldwide. We find value in underserved and underrepresented founders, markets and sectors, and, according to published CrunchBase data, are the #1 ranked fund for investments in founders of color.


• Worked with over 460 Early Stage Founders

• Assisted with three successful exits/acquisitions (so far)

• Our startups have gone on to raise over $90M in venture capital

• Have created over 1,000 new tech-oriented jobs

• Startup failure rate of less than 5%


The power of our selection process is evident in both the performance and the diversity of our portfolio:

• Last year, just over 11% of all venture capital went to startups with at least one female founder, up from 10% in 2018. In contrast, over 37% of our investments have been directed to teams with female founders, and this aligns closely with our applications (35% of all applicants have at least one female founder).

• In addition, 38% of our teams are led by Black, Hispanic, or minority founders, and

 • Over 60% of our existing investments have some level of benefit in terms of their overall social impact.


Quake invests $150,000 in exchange for 5-10% equity (post-SAFE). Valuation caps are $1M-$3.5M (some exceptions possible). In addition to investment you receive: 

  • $100k in web hosting credits from Google Cloud

  • $100k in web hosting credits from Amazon Web Services

  • Access to Quake resources for life

  • Acceleration in a 12-week Quake program with intense, hands-on mentorship from Quake Mentors

  • Connections to the Quake network of founders, alumni and advisors globally

  • Perks worth over $1M

  • Demo Days and other investor connections

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